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The passenger terminal at the Mykonos airport offers a host of facilities for its travelers. These facilities include:

- A duty free shop which offers an assortment of perfumes, spirits, cosmetics, travel accessories and other gift items.

- Information Services (Help Desk) that provide tourists with some basic information pertaining to departure and arrival of airlines, lost and found items, some major tourist spots to visit, hotels and accommodation available in the town center of Mykonos, some great restaurants and bars in the region, taxis, shopping and markets.

- Baby-changing room so that one doesn’t have to race to find a place to change baby’s nappy.

- A cafeteria that serves scrumptious snacks and delectable light meals.

- An ATM cash machine (The Commercial Bank of Greece) that provides visitors with access to financial transactions inside the airport, eliminating the need for a human clerk, cashier or bank teller.

-Facilities for disabled travelers.

Mykonos airport also has a huge parking space available just outside the terminal building. One can park his car for both long and short duration.
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