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Mykonos National Airport, Mykonos Island, GREECE 

Tel :  +30 22890 22327  Fax : +30 22890 25890

Airlines AT Mykonos  Airport  Mykonos Island GREECE

Olympic Airways S.A Tel: +302289022327    fax : +30 22890 25890

AEGEAN AIRLINES. Tel : +30 2289028720-7 fax : +30 228902289028730
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The taxi rank of Mykonos International airport is located outside the passenger terminal. Taxis are available when the airport is operating and can offer you any transfer to the island, hotel etc.

Mykonos Taxis

The historical town of Mykonos is well connected by a network of Taxi services, transporting wide eyed tourists to the scenic parts of the town. Of particular interest are important landmarks around the city including Petros the Pelican, Mykonos windmills and the Paraporitiani. Another notable tourist attraction is Little Venice, a picturesque part of the town, where buildings are constructed right on the sea’s edge, with balconies overhanging the calm blue ocean.   

Each day, Mykonos airport taxi services in the city ferry thousands of visitors to the Archeological Museum in Mykonos, famous for its marble sculptures, ceramics and jewelry.  These remnants from a lost era transport the visitor to an age when Greece was at the height of its civilization. Those interested in the history of shipping can take a detour to the Aegean Maritime Museum, which showcases ships from the pre- Minoan period. Also on display are other nautical artifacts from this period, unraveling the story behind ship-building in Greece.

Mykonos is also famous for its sandy beaches stretching on for miles; contrasting with the pristine blue of the ocean. The beaches are a delight for sun bathers, who come here with the intention of getting a tan. Some of the most frequented beaches in this part of the world include Paradise beach, Agrari beach, Elia beach and Paranga beach. Mykonos airport taxi services make these locations easily accessible.

Mykonos has a throbbing nightlife, with a number of bars and pubs dotting the city. The nightlife in Mykonos is considered by many to be the best in Europe, attracting tourist by the thousands. Many throng to its bars and clubs simply because of the invigorating music scene.  Some of the bars and clubs frequented by the tourists include the Skandinavian Bar, Lola Bar- Cafe, Little Venice, Pierros and Space Nightclub. 

The restaurant scene in this town is electric with live music and an assortment of goodies for every palate. The cuisine is an eclectic mix of Greek, Mediterranean with a dash of local flavor strewn around casually. Mykonos airport taxi services are available to all these gastronomic hot spots.
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