Mykonos Airport Taxi
Mykonos Airport Taxi

Mykonos Airport Taxi

An alternative option to renting a car is to hire a taxi to get between Mykonos Airport and Mykonos Town. The taxi will follow the same route as a rental car, so the journey should only take about 10 minutes regardless of the level of traffic.

The taxi rank of Mykonos International airport is located outside the passenger terminal. Mykonos Airport Taxis are available when the airport is operating and can offer you any transfer to the island, hotel etc.

The fare to get from the airport to the town is €15 , although to get from the airport to Paradise Beach which is further away the total fare will be €20.

Tipping is not mandatory but it is appreciated by drivers.

Taxis can be found by the officially designated taxi area across from the terminal. If there are no taxis waiting at the airport, passengers can order one either by radio or taxi apps on their phone.

Τhere are only 34 taxis for about 150.000 tourists on the island of Mykonos at any given time and sometimes it will be impossible to find one. It is a good idea to have your Mykonos Airport taxi prebooked, due to the limited taxis in the Mykonos Island.

Travelers should never accept taxis from people who approach them in the airport as these are likely unlicensed drivers. Should the vehicle get into an accident than the passengers might not be covered by insurance, which could lead to significant expenses.

Taking a Mykonos airport taxi can be a useful option for those passengers who either have a lot of luggage or need help with their luggage, as many drivers will offer assistance with bags. However, these drivers might also add a charge to the fare for helping out.

In the high season (June to September) will be very difficult to find one without reservation. We recommend you to pre-book your Mykonos airport transfer in advance.

To pre-book your Taxi transfer please click here

Mykonos Airport Taxi Fare ( Estimate Cost)

Airport Taxi Transfer Price per taxi Distance
Mykonos Airport to Mykonos City (Hora) 15 € 3.5 km
Mykonos Airport to Panormos 21 € 8 km
Mykonos Airport to Agios Ioannis 17 € 5.5 km
Mykonos Airport to Ornos 17 € 4 km
Mykonos Airport to Platis Yalos 17 € 3.5 km
Mykonos Airport to Bill & Coo Suites 17 € 3 km
Mykonos Airport to Porto Mykonos 17 € 3.5 km
Mykonos Airport to Mykonos Bay Hotel 16 € 3 km
Mykonos Airport to Paradise 17 € 3.7 km
Mykonos Airport to Psarou 17 € 3.5 km
Mykonos Airport to Agios Stefanos 21 € 6 km
Mykonos Airport to Kalafati 23 € 10.5 km
Mykonos Airport to Elia 23 € 10 km
*prices are subject to change without prior notice

FAQ About Mykonos Airport (JMK) Taxis

The airport is situated about 2.49 miles (or roughly 4 kilometers) from Mykonos Town.

If you get into an airport taxi you will not be charged by a single flat rate, instead the fare will be charged via a meter which depends on the time and distance for the journey. As a result, the longer that the taxi ride takes, the more expensive the journey will be.

Typically, you can anticipate that the journey from Mykonos Airport to the town center will take about 10 minutes. However, be aware that at rush hour and other peak traffic times the ride might be longer, and at quieter times such as late night it make take less than 10 minutes.

The average price of a taxi from the airport into the center of Mykonos Town should range from between €25 and €35 depending on the location of your hotel or other accommodation.

Unfortunately not, taxis from the airport will require that you pay them in cash, so it’s advised that you obtain some Euros before you board your flight to Mykonos airport.

Tipping is not required by any law or regulation, and if you feel that you received an unsafe or overcharged ride to your final destination then it’s perfectly acceptable not to tip. But if you believe the journey was safe and fairly priced, you could tip the driver some Euros as a thanks.

No, taxis are charged per vehicle and not per passenger. This means if you have a group of four, including yourself, all riding in one taxi then you will be charged one fare for the ride that would be the same cost as if you were taking the same journey on your own in the taxi.

Mykonos Airport

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