Mykonos Airport Bus
Mykonos Airport Bus

Mykonos Airport Bus

Instead of taking a car, either as a rental or in a taxi, another choice for getting from Mykonos Airport to Mykonos Town is to take one of the many bus services between the two locations.

One factor that might discourage some passengers from taking the bus is that space can sometimes be limited for luggage. If people are traveling in a large group and have many suitcases, and looking to get on a bus at a particularly busy time, then they might struggle to find enough space to store their bags. This can therefore require them having to use two separate buses, which can add a significant amount of travel time to the trip.

Another drawback of taking the bus compared to a car or taxi is that the bus will only stop at certain official bus stops and will not take passengers to their exact final destination. For those travelers who have mobility issues or simply do not want to have to walk a long distance to get to their hotel or other accommodation, a door-to-door option like a taxi might be wiser.

But the biggest perk of taking the bus is that the cost is significantly lower than renting a car, and also much cheaper than the average taxi fare to Mykonos Town or Paradise Beach. Anyone taking the bus can expect to pay an average ticket price of between €1.80 and €2.30, with the price fluctuating based on the exact final destination and also the time of day.

Travelers can buy tickets directly on board buses from the driver, so it’s a useful idea for anyone visiting Mykonos Town to have several Euros in cash in advance to use to buy the ticket.

The company that operates the buses between the airport and the town is known as KTEL Mykonos. The bus station at Mykonos Airport is located on the opposite side of the street from the main terminal building, with signs pointing the way from the arrivals area.

The most popular bus route is the one that travels from the airport to Mykonos Town, stopping first at the bus station in Fabrika and terminating at Mykonos’ newer port. This service typically operates about 11 times per day during the peak summer tourist season.

Alternatively, there is a service that runs about 4 times per day in the busy summer season that takes passengers directly from the airport to the new Mykonos port without stopping at Fabrika. The new port houses the cruise ships that serve the island, so if people have landed at the airport and need to make a connection to a cruise ship they should take this bus route.

For those travelers looking to get from Mykonos Airport to the older port, there are only about 2 services a day that KTEL Mykonos operates between the two locations during the busiest tourist months. Buses are therefore not always the most convenient option for those passengers interested in getting to the old port, which is mostly used these days by tour boats.

Mykonos Airport Bus Timetable


09:10 , 10:30 , 11:30 , 12:20 , 13:10 , 13:50 , 15:20 , 16:40 , 17:50


10:00 , 10:45 , 12:00 , 12:45 , 13:30 , 15:00 , 16:15 , 17:30 , 18:30

*schedule is subject to change without notice

Mykonos Airport

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